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Greenfield 1/4" X 4' Coated Lead Anchor Chain

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Greenfield 1/4" X 4' Coated Lead Anchor Chain

Greenfield’s unique, specially formulated, highly elastic PVC coating stretches to allow chain to bend and coil easily. Chain is an essential tool for safe anchoring. It provides weight between the anchor and the rode to ensure proper position when setting an anchor.
Anchor chain keeps anchor in correct setting position for stronger hold.
SPECS: 1/4" x 4' PVC-coated marine anchor chain. | Recommended Boat Size (Winds up to 30 knots): 1,300 lbs. | Highly elastic PVC coating stretches to all chain to bend and coil. | For best performance, use this product with steel shackles to connect Anchor - Chain - Line. | Comes in Red or Blue.
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MID: 18708
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