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Slingshot Foil Hardware Kit 1

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Foil Hardware Kit 1 - by Slingshot

Hover Glide hardware pack for your foil spare and backup needs. Better safe than sorry!

2 - M8 X 40mm Pedestal Bolts
2 - M6 X 30mm Rear Wing Screws
2 - M8 X 45mm Fuselage Bolts (A Position)
2 - M8 X 50mm Countersunk Bolts (B Position)
2 - M8 X 23mm Mast Cap Bolts (B Position)
1 - M6 X 25mm Set Screw

Compatible with all Hover Glide FKite, FWake, FSurf, and FSUP foils.

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MID: -19880
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