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Radar Ski Binding Lace Kit

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Radar Ski Binding Replacement Lace Kit

Radar Ski Binding Lace Repair Kit. Broken laces or lost lace lock? We got you covered! Get the Radar Lace Lock kit and get your boots back to working fashion! Great to keep on hand to keep you riding. Works to repair most waterski binding laces.

How to Change Top Bungee Lace:
1 - Starting with the top laces, cut and remove your old laces paying close attention to how they are currently laced
2 - Re-lace using the thicker bungee type laces
3 - Once completed, grab the bigger pull lock section and thread laces through
4 - Tie knot at the end to your desired length and cut off excess
5 - Burn the ends once cut to prevent freying

How to Change Lower non-stretch lace:
1 - Moving on to the bottom laces, cut and unlace them just like you did for the top
2 - Re-lace using skinny, non-stretching lace.
3 - Grab the smaller pull section and thread laces through
4 - Grab the tab once threaded through and click it into the pull section
5 - Tie a knot in the laces at your desired laces and cut them
6 - Burn the ends once cut to prevent them from freying
MID: -9925
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