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HO RAD 5 Foot Towable Multi-Purpose Water Toy

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HO Sports RAD 5 Foot Towable Multi-Purpose Water Toy

Before wakeboarding came into existence, watersport's enthusiasts in the 1960s were already experimenting with objects to ride behind boats. Among these were wooden discs, which proved to be successful riding devices. Families would take turns between water ski sets, offering a beginner-friendly way to experience riding behind the boat without the challenging learning curve of waterskiing.

Half a century later, HO water sports has merged the nostalgia with today's advanced materials and construction techniques to present to you the all-new HOsports RAD discs and the FAD board. The Round Aquatic Devices (RADs) allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to participate in a day behind the boat.

For a more advanced ride, try out the smaller 3' RAD disc or the FAD board (similar to a knee board - but reinvented to be multifunctional). The riding possibilities are endless. The FAD and RAD HO towables are Fun for all ages, and guaranteed to turn some heads on your lake this summer.

RAD and FAD Technology:

Drop Stitch is a pretty amazing material HO watersports is using to create the RADs and FAD. This technology creates the most durable inflatables ever offered.

Drop Stitch is achieved by joining two pieces of support fabric together with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths.

Next an air-tight coating is applied to the top and bottom of the support material to ensure an air tight seal. The result is Drop Stitch Construction. Drop Stitch construction is capable of achieving levels of pressure equal to 20 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Soft, Nylon Grab Handle

A single nylon pull strap found on the RAD and dual handles on the FAD used for steering when the handle is docked in the handle hook.

Machined EVA Traction Pad

The EVA traction pad ensures unsurpassed traction - your feet won't be sliding around with this traction pad underneath them. Found on both HO Sports Company's RADs and on the FAD board


Use the included hand pump with PSI pressure gauge to achieve your desired level of inflation. These items are capable of holding up to 20 PSI

Handle Hook

Attach the handle here for hands-free starts or use it to secure the rope when pulling smaller children who may not have the grip strength to hold the handle during towing. Pro tip- use both hands when placing or removing the handle in the hook.
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