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HO 41 Tail Slalom Waterski and Wakeboard Gloves

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HO Sports 41 Tail Waterski Gloves

The 41 Tail glove is the gold standard of water ski gloves. The best fitting, most durable, best skiing water ski glove in the world, the 41 Tail glove changed the way skiers think about how well water ski gloves should fit, last and ski. Since its release, the 41 Tail has quickly become the most popular glove for top skiers worldwide. The 41 tail glove employs a crazy-comfortable neoprene back with a super-tough double-stitched Kevlar palm that delivers a high-performance fit, grip and durability.

BEST SELLING DESIGN - Glove of choice for countless water-skiers around the world.

DOUBLE STITCHED KEVLAR PALM - for long lasting powerful grip and maximized hand protection from handle abrasion

PRE CURVED FINGERS - for handle-specific functionality and supreme hand comfort.

VELCRO KNUCKLE AND WRIST STRAPS - for snug but safe closure with no pinch points

DUAL WIDE STRETCH OPENINGS - for easy hand entry and exit for quick application and removal

LEATHER EMBOSSING - for top quality style and flavor

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Remember to always buy waterski and wakeboard gloves way tighter than you think they should fit because they get at least a full size bigger when wet. A good guideline is, if you have to fight hard to get them on, they're probably the right size.

By the way, all ski and board gloves are made outside North America so they have almost 20% import duties. This is a big part of why waterski and wakeboard gloves are more expensive in Canada.
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