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Connelly Binding Slime - 8 ounce Binding Lubricant

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Connelly Binding Slime - 8 ounce Binding Lubricant

Conelly Binding Slime will make it easier to get in and out of your wakeboard boots or waterski bindings. The original binding slime is the best binding lubricant. The Connelly slime beats the competition in every possible area. Provides easy entry into those high end waterski and wakeboard bindings. Maximum lubricant, dissipates faster and is environmentally friendly. Why settle for imitation when you can get the original green?

We suggest buying a name brand binding lube. We do not recommend shortcuts like using dish soap or mixing dish soap with water, becasue detergents can harm the neoprene and rubber material in your bindings and slowly bleach out the colors in your bindings. Detergents and soaps are also not ecologically friendly in lakes.

Does not effect binding fit. Will not harm or wreck binding materials.

We also suggest that if you're still struggling to get into your bindings with the use of a binding lube, your bindings are too tight and potentailly unsafe.

So, please, do not use binding lube to squeeze into bindings that are too tight.
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