Wing Foil Size Guidelines

Wing Foil Size Guidelines

So you want to jump into the sport of WingSurfing, but have no idea what size board or foil to buy?  You are not alone, and there is a pretty simple formula to aid in your gear decision.



Many folks don’t know that 1-Litre of volume in a board will support 1KG of weight in the rider.  So a 100L board will just barely float (water will flow over the deck) a 100KG (220Lb) rider.  Your board choice comes down to your skill level and your weight.

Beginner – Your weight in KG + 40L

  •  This gives ample float and will allow the you to stand on the board and balance with little to no speed.  You will be sitting high in the water allowing you to attain speed without much wing efficiency.

Intermediate – Your Weight in KG + 10L

  • Having a board that floats slightly more than your weight will allow you to use a smaller board that is more pumpable and much more nimble.  It will still have enough volume to float you, but it will be fairly tippy and require a little forward momentum to be stable enough to stand on easily. 

Advanced – Your Weight in KG -15L

  •  This board will be incredibly nimble and allow the rider to do hard carved and big jumps.  You will need to submerge the board to get onto it, and it will require more wing efficiency and higher winds. You will not be able to stand on it without strong pull in the wing and good forward speed.


Foil size:

Beginner and/or Light Winds:  You will want the biggest front wing you can get, such as our Hoverglide FWING which features the massive Infinity 99 wing.   The large wing will make it easy to get foiling at low speeds.  The wide wingspan will give lots of rail to rail stability reducing tippyness.  You will sacrifice turnyness.

Intermediate / Medium Winds:  At this level you are more efficient with your wing.  You want more carving ability and can sacrifice some low end efficiency from your foil.  The Hoverglide FSUP featuring the Infinity 84 wing will still give plenty of low end grunt, but it will be much more carvable and faster.

Advanced / High winds 20kts+ :  Now you are extremely efficient at getting onto foil and pumping both wing and board.  The Hoverglide FSURF with the nimble Infinity 76 wing will be your choice.  A smaller front wing will let you go much faster and lay hard carves.  The smaller front foil wing will also be more controllable with smaller boards.  You will be able to jump this smaller foil.  Do note that even with a higher skill level, the Infinity 76 front wing will require nearly twice the wind speed to get up on foil, compared to the huge Infinity 99 wing.


SlingWing V2 – Recommended Wind Range

3.2M – 23-43 MPH
4.0M - 15-30 MPH
4.4M – 13-26 MPH
5.4M - 10-22 MPH
6.4M -  8-20MPH


SlingWing V2 Quiver Builder

Riders Under - 165lbs / 75kg Average Wind Speed

10-20MPH                                     5.4/4.0
20-30MPH                                     4.4/3.2

Riders Over 165lbs / 75kgAverage Wind Speed

10-20MPH                                     6.4/4.4
20-30MPH                                     5.4/4.0


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