How To: Grip Your Pickleball Paddle

Putting a new grip on your paddle may seem difficult but it really isn’t! Andrew gives a rundown on the ins and outs (Just remember, let the receiver make those calls! :P )

Materials needed - paddle, grip(s), electrical tape, scissors

1: Are you using an over grip or a replacement grip? In my above video I am using TWO over grips. This is on purpose as I like the ability to customize my handle feel exactly the way I want it. Replacement grips are generally a bit thicker, more expensive and will last longer. An over grip is great to build up your paddle handle to your desire hand feel. They are better for someone who sweats a lot more or likes to replace their grips regularly (like me!)

2: Remove the grip(s) from their packaging. Peel all the plastic off both sides of the grip and find the tapered end.

3: Start with the tapered end of the grip and place it on the 45 degree bevel (like in the video) at the butt of the handle and wrap in a circular motion with just a bit of overlap on the grip itself. For right-handed players, hold the paddle in your left hand with the face pointing downwards. Rotate the grip around the handle with your right hand. For left-handed players, hold the paddle in your right hand with the face pointing downwards. Rotate the grip around the handle with your left hand.

4: Cut the excess grip off at a sharp angle from the top down and seal with electrical tape. See the video for a demonstration.

5: That’s it! Go play!

Comments, questions? Just want to chat pickleball? Give me a shout at the store or drop me a line :D 



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