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Surf Straps - Each - by Slingshot

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Slingshot Surf Strap Single

EACH SOLD SEPARATELY - With a NEW 2" wider hole pattern your foot is right where you need it - straddling your fin box.

Having footstraps on your board helps train your muscle memory safely for tricks and airs by keeping your board on your feet. Slingshot Surf footstraps can easily be placed on your board and just as easily removed, exactly like training wheels.

Properly placed footing over your rear fins gives you the ultimate power position for throwing big and riding more aggressively. Paired with our new footstrap insert pattern, located over the back finbox of all 2020 and newer Slingshot surfboards, it's a slashing slamdunk

It is super important to run your mounting screws through the anti-twist plates AND the beefy strap webbing – not just the leather tab. The hole in the webbing can be found under the neoprene cover at the end of each surf strap. The screw must run through the anti-twist plate, the webbing, and finally through the little leather tab on the underside of the surf strap. Make sure you don’t skip the webbing! If you only run it through the bottom leather flap, your surf straps will fail. Make sure to check your screws frequently.

Slingshot Surf Strap Install Instructions:
1- Insert Provided screw and washer inter center hole of neoprene cover and leather strap.
2- Find insert in board and line up screw with hole. Use #3 Phillips Head screw driver to install screw. Make sure to keep the screwdriver and screw straight to avoid stripping out insert. Repeat 1 and 2 for other side of strap.
3- TO LOOSEN: push down on the rubber arrow patch release zone and at the same time gently pull up on the strap.
4- TO TIGHTEN: pull on the webbing strap in the same direction as the rubber arrow patch is pointing.
5- Once strap is in the perfect position, stow loose webbing in strap stash pocket.
6- Get out and ride!

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