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Slingshot Phantasm Quick Start Wakefoil& Board Package - V1

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Slingshot Phantasm Quick Start Wakefoil & Board Package - E866/710 Lower Foil V1, Phantasm 72 CM Aluminum Mast & WF-2 V5 54 inch Soft Top Board

Who It's For: The Phantasm Quick Start Wake Foil Package is great for all riders looking to fly for the first time. It's extremely user-friendly for beginners but high performance enough to be the foil of choice for the captain of the boat as well. If you only want 1 foil on your boat, this is the most shareable and versatile option to put a grin on everyone's faces.

Product Includes: WF-2 V5 4'6", Front Half Strap, Phantasm Aluminum 72CM Mast, E 866 Front Wing, 710 Fuselage, 400 Stabilizer, and all assembly hardware.

The ultimate package for learning to fly and teaching others, this combo comes with our full soft top WF-2 V5 foil board which is as forgiving as it gets when learning to fly thanks to it's length, profile, and unique nose rocker. Paired with a 72 cm aluminum mast, the perfect length to master ride height above the surface and learn to pump efficiently without intimidating first-timers. Pair with our Phantasm E866 front wing and PS 400 stabilizer on a 710 mm fuse and you've got one of the most stable and predictable foils we've ever built - start here to master flight, agility and pumping with plenty of room for progression down the road.

Slingshot Wakefoil V5 Soft Top - 54 inch
As the trend in foiling continues to move towards shorter boards, the WF-2 soft-top foilboard was redesigned to pack the same amount of surface area into a shorter board length. At 4'6" the WF-2 is an excellent choice for all levels of foilers, has foot strap inserts and is the best traditional wakesurfing shape we've ever produced for those interested in removing the foil for traditional surf sessions. The board features an aggressive nose rocker designed to increase forgiveness when touching back down to the surface in the early stages of foil progression, and the shorter length allows advanced foilers to pump more aggressively without concern of unintentional contact with the water.

Designed to fit the largest range of skill levels from beginner to expert, the WF-2 is the ultimate crossover board between wakesurfing and foilsurfing.

ADJUSTABLE FOIL TRACK MOUNT - This allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference.
INLINE FOOTSTRAP INSERTS - Simple inline inserts allow for the addition of half straps or full footstraps based on rider preference.
FULL SOFT TOP CORDUROY EVA - Super-soft EVA features a corduroy texture covering the entire surface of the board - providing tons of grip, protection, comfort, and stance options for a variety of riders.
FCS II FIN BOXES - For those interested in the multi-functionality of the WF-2 V4, Twin FCS II fin boxes allow for the quick addition/subtraction of surf fins for traditional wave-riding sessions.
NOSE ROCKER - When learning to foil you will experience quick rises-and even quicker crashes. The nose rocker on the WF-2 V4 will help absorb that impact and direct you back onto foil.

Volume (L) - 19
Length (in) - 4'6"
Width (in) - 21
Thickness (in) - 1.44
Weight (kg) - 3.9

View Slingshot Foil Install Instructions for Slingshot Boards

Slingshot Phantasm Aluminum Mast V1 - 72 cm
The Phantasm aluminum mast is made from light and strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum.

Phantasm E866/710 Lower Pkg V1 - FSUP - by Slingshot
A complete lower package that includes a medium-aspect, carbon-fiber front wing that makes foiling easy across multiple sports categories.

The E 866/710 Lower Package was designed to make foiling as easy as possible for every rider of every ability. Built to cruise, our medium-aspect, carbon-fiber E Series front wings will get you up on foil early with confidence inspiring stability. From wake to wing to surf, Slingshot's E Series wings make foiling easy across multiple sport categories.

The E 866/710 Lower Package includes a carbon-fiber E 866 front wing, 710 mm fuse, and carbon-fiber 400 mm rear stabilizer, creating an exceptional package for anyone looking to progress in surf, SUP, wing, and wake. The smallest of Slingshot's three sizes of medium-aspect, carbon-fiber E Series front wings, the E 866 has a wide chord center profile that tapers to narrower wingtips, getting you up onto foil early while retaining great pumpability and glide.

SURFACE AREA (cm2) = 1550
SPAN (mm) = 866
CHORD (mm) = 248

Super early lift.
Rail-to-rail stability.
Good glide and pumping characteristics.
Downturned wingtips for safety.

Carbon-fiber stabilizer connects directly to the fuselage. This connection is robust, simple, and perfectly tuned out of the box.
A high-performance, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.
At 50% larger than anyone else, the Phantasm's mast-to-fuse Bigfoot Connection is the strongest and most robust available.

View Slingshot E866 Front Wing Specifications
MID: -23602
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