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Part number: FHW743-SS

Sac Valve 1" Quik Connect - With Suction Stop

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W743-SS - Suction Stop 1 1/8โ€ Sac Valve Thread - Quick Connect Fat Sac Threads (For use with W741 & W746)

Fat Sac - Quick Connect Valves have been designed with you in mind. All of the fittings make connecting pumps and hoses to your Pro X Series Fat Sacs a quick and simple task.
The W743-SS fitting is used in all PNP ballast bags. It is designed specifically for use with the 1 1/8โ€ Flow-Rite fittings on your OEM ballast hose. The threaded side of the fitting has suction stop technology which prevents it from sucking up the bottom of the ballast bag and burning up your pump motor when draining your ballast system.

Suction Stop Sac Valve Threads

1 1/8" Quick Connect

With O-Rings

TIP: If the cap of your Quick Connect valve becomes hard to install, apply some o-ring grease to the o-ring. This will keep your fittings working smoothly and o-rings in good condition.

NOTE: Use All-Purpose PVC Cement on the threads of the W733, W736, W737, W743, and W747 when screwing them into Fatsacs. Fittings for automatic ballast systems include the W733, W736, W737, W740, W741, W742, W743, W746, W748, W753, and W755.

We offer several different fittings that all work together to adapt to any of your needs.
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