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Pickleball Paddle Weight - 0.5 OZ - 5 Pieces - 0.1 oz each

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Pickleball Paddle Weight - 0.5 OZ - 5 Pieces - 0.1 oz each

Each package will include 5 x 0.1 OZ pieces for a total of a half ounce of weight

Why add lead tape for additional weight on pickleball paddles?
The additional weight could improve your game by the slightest margin. And where you choose to put the lead tape determines the type of benefit you could experience. Adding tape is not unique to pickleball. Added weight has been used on golf clubs and tennis rackets for a long time to add weight, more stability, and additional power. Benefits of adding lead tape include: customized feel and swing weight (balance), larger sweet spot, increased power, increased stability, reduced mishits, and hand speed. These translate into your game in ways like better resets, faster drives, etc. Add all five pieces or place strategically around your paddle head.

Tips on adding weight:
- Add around the entire perimeter to help reduce vibration in paddle face for a more consistent sweet spot
- Add around the top of the paddle to to increase swing weight and add power
- Add on either side of the paddle to increase paddle stability when blocking at the No Volley Zone
- Add at the base (Y of the face) to balance the paddle into your hand and try to help increase hand speed
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