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Phase 5 Fakie Nose Fin

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Phase 5 Fakie Nose Fin

The Phase 5 Fakie Skim Fin is the ultimate minimalist and comes standard as side fins on a number of boards. If you are riding a multi-fin board the Fakie fins make excellent outer fins, giving you just a bit of extra bite for locking in the landing on 360s while not getting in the way of your spins. If you are looking to spin freely and flow through tricks with ease the Fakie Fin will give you exactly what you need

*Includes ribs and 1.25" screws
(1โ€ screws fit the Shrimp and Scamp)

Replacement nose fin, also the side fins on newer Scamp models. Must add 2 to cart if replacing both side fins on the Scamp

Q. What size screws do I need for my board?

A. The screw sizes are based on the thickness of your board. For current models, the board thickness is listed on each board's page on our main site. Alternatively you can measure it with a ruler. To get an accurate measurement, be sure to measure the thickness right in the center of the board.
MID: -18000
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