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O'Brien Baller 4 Person Sit On Top - Dual Direction Tube

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O'Brien Baller 4 Person Sit On Top - Dual Direction Tube

Two Tubes in One

With the ability to be towed from multiple points, the O’Brien Baller 4 ensures excitement. Easily swap from seated to chariot-style riding positions to maximize the fun delivered from a single tube. The smooth SofTec top of the Baller series provides the most luxurious ride of any tube in this category. This soft, seamless material prevents any uncomfortable rubbing so that you can have a blast all day long.

Max. Capacity - Up to four riders or 680 lbs
Two-Way Towing - Tow from either end for multiple riding positions and more fun
Enhanced Durability - Fully covered in a heavy-duty nylon shell
Premium Comfort - Smooth SofTec top and 18 Ultra Grip handles
2 Quick Connect Tow Hooks – The safest, fastest and easiest way to connect your rope to the tube
2 Lightning Valves - Inflate/deflate faster than ever before
Size - 75" x 93" (deflated)

There are specific ropes for towing a tube - these are not the same for other water sports so it is crucial to make sure that you have a rope designed for tubing. A tubing rope has two ends that attach - one to the boat and one to the tube.

There are different tube tow ropes depending on the amount of people you intend to pull. For example, you would not want to use a tow rope that is designed for a two person tube when you are using and pulling a four person tube. This could result in breakage of the rope and potential injury to your rider(s).

WSIA recommends rope tensile strength to be at least 1,500lbs for one rider under 170lbs. For three riders under 510lbs, the rope should be at least 3,350lbs. And, for five to six riders weighing between 810 and 1020lbs, the rope strength should be at least 6,100lbs. In general, you should always check with the manufacturer of your tube and to see what they suggest when it comes to towing.

Check out the O'Brien 4 person tube rope

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