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Mooring Snubber 3/8 Inch - by Sea Dog

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Mooring Snubber 3/8 Inch - by Sea Dog

Mooring snubbers absorb shock loads and relieve tension on lines and deck fittings. The length of compensating movement can be adjusted by the number of line turns around the snubber mitigating the effects of wind and waves.

Easy to fit they require no extra hardware.
High quality rubber they resist sunlight, saltwater, and ozone.
Ideal for use in tidal areas, on exposed moorings or in towing situations.

Why use a mooring snubber?
A mooring snubber provides elasticity and flexibility in the mooring system. When a boat is subjected to wave action or strong currents, the snubber acts as a shock absorber, dampening the sudden jerking or pulling forces on the lines.
To minimize the jerking and the accompanying wear on lines and cleats, attach a line snubber to each dock line. Snubbers are made of a material capable of stretching enough to absorb the shock of a quick stop. With the familiar black rubber ones, the dock line feeds through an eye on one end of the snubber, then wraps around the snubber a few times before leading through the eye at the other end.

Snubber Dimensions:
A: 17 - 1/8 inch
B: 3/8 inch
Weight 0.63 lbs
MID: -18747
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