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Masterline Pro Lock Glove

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Masterline Pro Lock Waterski and Wakeboard Gloves

These Masterline water ski gloves are designed to transfer the pulling force from the hands, fingers, and forearms into the bone structure to provide superior strength and endurance. The exclusive Masterline fit features palm straps with dowels for superior grip strength. This helps alleviate fatigue and eliminate blisters.

Palm strap with dowel for superior grip
Extra padded writs strap
Reinforced palm strap
Third tab locking system

By the way, all ski and board gloves are made outside North America so they have almost 20% import duties. This is a big part of why waterski and wakeboard gloves are more expensive in Canada.

Remember to always buy waterski and wakeboard gloves way tighter than you think they should fit because they get at least a full size bigger when wet. A good guideline is, if you have to fight hard to get them on, they're probably the right size.

Shuswap Ski & Board Review

You'll be amazed at how much these clincher type gloves will help your grip, allowing skiers to relax their arms and ski much longer.
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