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Liquid Force Carbon Horizon Surf 155 - Foil Only

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Liquid Force Horizon 155 Carbon Wake Foil Set

A True "Go Everywhere, Do Everything" Foil!

As the bread winner of the Horizon Range, the Carbon Horizon Surf 155 finds the perfect balance between lift, speed, and control. With a slightly thinner profile front wing, the 155 generates huge amounts of lift while the H24 tail wing provides added drive for stable pumping.

All in all, you’ll have a lightweight, hydrodynamic machine with superior hold through extended carves…allowing you to truly #FoilAnything!

Designed for Foilers wanting an ultralight setup, looking to foil anything! From little bumps to large rollers…the Horizon Surf 155 can handle it all.
Full 3K Pre-Preg Carbon Construction for minimal weight, and maximum strength.
Take your foiling beyond the wake! Excels as a light-wind foil for Winging!

Horizon 155 Front Wing - Surface Area 1500 cm² | 80 cm Wingspan - Thinner profile for more glide and overall speed. Extended chord length for low speed lift. Reduced wing tip curve for breachability.

H24 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 240 cm² | 37 cm Wingspan - Winglets for reduction in induced drag as well as more hold in carves and acceleration coming out of turns.

28" Carbon Mast - Lightweight Carbon Construction in ultra hydrodynamic profile for faster speeds and less drag.

44 cm Short Bayonet Fuselage - By shortening the fuselage, we shortened the “wheel base” allowing for faster turns and a bit more playfullness beneath the water.

Foil Shim Kit Included - Shimming your foil lets you really fine tune your tail wing angle so you have the right amount of lift and speed for how you want to ride. Reduce the angle for faster speeds or increase the angle for slower speeds. Go ahead and customize it to your liking.

Carrying Case

View Liquid Force 28" Carbon Wake Foil Mast Tech
View Liquid Force Horizon Carbon 155 Wake Foil Wing Tech
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