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How To Hydrofoil DVD - Vol 2

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Sky Ski - Learn to Hydrofoild Volume 2

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Intermediate & Advanced Riding;

After learning to control your foil riding, its time to step up to the board and learn some intermediate and advanced tricks - specifically INVERTS! This video includes step-by-step instructions from Jake Kinnison, Jon Wilborn and Tony Klarich on how to learn some of the breath taking moves that other riders are talking about. Inverted tricks are incredible on a hydrofoil, and big air is even more possible in this towed water sport. This video gives you access to professional advice that you can review time and time again as you are learning the moves that impress anyone watching - and you can skip the long process of learning only by trial and error!

Wake Backside Roll
Air Backside Roll
Start Rolls
Wake Frontside Roll
Air Frontside Roll
12 MPH Slow Inverts
Front Flip
Big Air
MID: -1316
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