Fatsac SUPA Pump 3.0 W/inline switch
Fatsac Ballast & Fittings
Part number: FH-S7090

Fatsac SUPA Pump 3.0 W/inline switch

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Fatsac SUPA Pump 3.0 W/inline switch

Compatible with Fly High and FATSAC ballast bags, the FatSac Tsunami pump got a total redesign and the new SUPA Tsunami with a kink-proof hose and about 50% higher capacity for much faster fill/drain times.

The all-new Supa Tsunami Juiced Edition Pump is a pre-packaged, fully submersible portable pump solution designed for quick and easy filling of Fly High and FATSAC ballast bags. Thanks to the high capacity 1700GPH motor and oversize 1" tubing, the SUPA Tsunami ballast pump makes it quick and easy to fill/drain the FATSAC bags in your boat. The Quick Twist Adapter quick connect fitting is a standard feature which means connecting the pump for filling and draining is a snap. The new pump includes a black kink-proof hose that ensures maximum water flow for optimal fill/drain times.

Tech Specs and Summary:

Lightest and fastest pump available from start to finish
Stainless steel outlet adapter to prevent rust/corrosion
Custom machined fittings to increase flow and be compatible with cap and chain fitting on FatSacs
Includes all fittings to fill and empty with FatSacs
Hose Length: 12.5 feet
Wire Length: 20 feet

How it Works:

The SUPA Tsunami ballast pump is a high flow model that is both durable and dependable. For filling the bags, simply connect the free end of the hose to the Quick Connect Adapter on the bag you want to fill, drop the pump in the water over the side of the boat (it is completely waterproof and submersible), and plug the included cigarette lighter adapter into the 12v accessory plug on your boat.
For draining just reverse the connection of the pump, securing the pump body itself directly to the bag you want to drain, and placing the free end of the hose over the side of the boat. To keep the pump primed and flowing nicely, make sure it's always imersed in water.
Everything is included that you need to use this pump with Fly High's FATSAC Pro X Series ballast bags. Just open the box, toss the pump in the boat, and get out on the water. You’ll be ready to build a better wake with your new Supa Tsunami Pump.

Please note: Pumps sink, so always make sure they are attached well to something in the boat.

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