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D3 Nightmare Jump Skis - Pair

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D3 Nightmare Jump Skis - Pair

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Our next gen D3 Nightmare skis are the pinnacle of performance for the best jump skiers throughout the world. Our Nightmare skis are light and fast. They are easy to turn and predictable through the wakes.

Our in-house laminate construction gives us the unique capability to create a flex pattern that makes these skis faster and give them the ability to hold and edge off the second wake into the bottom of the ramp. We utilize EVA tips so the front of the skis are proportionately lighter. This keeps swing weight down and allows you to control ski tip pressure.

The quality of D3 skis is world renowned. D3 creates beautifully hand-crafted skis here in the USA that will exceed your expectations and allow you to perform your best. We focus on every detail. Our processes, done by true craftsmen, have an unmatched consistency and quality level - one that we are exceptionally produ to stand behind and which will take you to new heights and distances for years to come.

The Nightmare Features:
Ultra lightweight Aerospace Carbon Laminates.
Aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb cores.
Computer cut machined aluminum fins.
Stiffer tips and tails.
Custom edge and tail rocker designs.
Machine screw stainless steel inserts.

Available Sizes
74", 78", 82", 84โ€, 86โ€, 88โ€, 90โ€, 92โ€

For lighter weight skiers and show skiers, see the CarbonAir Jumpers

Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for deliveryand we will confirm that upon receipt of order.
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