Boat Mate
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Boat Mate Mooring & Between Boat Fender - 120 x 12 inches

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Boat Mate Mooring & Between Boat Fender

Introducing the BOAT MATE™. No more worries about nicks, scratches, and extensive damage from a storm or excessive waves. Your BOAT MATE™ will provide the safety and confidence to dock your boat with ease. Protect your investment with the 10 foot long BOAT MATE™ inflatable fender. The 12” diameter allows for maximum cushioning of your boat especially in rough water with ease of quick docking. Our 10’ length is perfect whether you have a pontoon, surf, ski, or fishing boat. It attaches easily to your dock with any of the 6 Stainless D-Rings which are mounted in ideal positions for various mooring options. Many developments are replacing non-conforming docks with newer and compliant designs. Our perfectly sized BOAT MATE™ fits into even the smallest boat slips!

The BOAT MATE™ is every boater's protective layer when docked (and docking). No more worries about nicks, scratches, and extensive damage from a storm or excessive waves. It comes with four stainless steel upper rings and two end rings allowing for several mooring options. Our 10 ft x 1 ft diameter is the perfect universal length for all boats such as surf, ski, fishing, and pontoon.

Flexibility - 6 large stainless steel D-Rings, (4 upper rings, plus two end rings allow for several mooring options.

Easy to Inflate - Highest quality quick release air valve with a cover to eliminate any air or water issues.

Dock Guard - The "dock guard" strip adds even more protection between your BOAT MATE™ and the dock preventing excessive wear and tear from rubbing with normal back and forth movements from any waves.

Quality - Built with quality in mind, the construction is a double woven PVC rated one of the thickest and strongest materials on the market. All seams are heat sealed, providing an air tight chamber for a long life of durability on your dock.

Included - The included universal hand pump with gauge makes it easy to inflate in 2 minutes. (which you likely already use for your inflatables (paddle board, dinghy, etc.)

No Step - Your new BOAT MATE™ also comes with 2 “NO STEP” logos to remind your guests to avoid stepping onto the product, preventing slips and falls, keeping your safety in mind.
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