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Barefoot International Front Toe Handle - M1032

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Barefoot International Front Toe Handle - M1032

Barefoot International handles are designed with the goal of offering superb grip and durability. They were developed with input from professional athletes and instructors so you can be sure you’re buying a product that is purpose built to provide the best possible experience on the water. The Bare Trap handle is the most advanced handle that we sell and is only recommended for the highest skilled footers. Like our regular Front Toe handle, the Bare Trap is 15” wide with Poly-E rope as the foundation. It has floats on either side and a toe strap in the front. The only difference is the Bare Trap is designed such that once you put your foot into the toe strap the front will “collapse” to hold your foot. This allows you to focus on the trick at hand rather than trying to make sure your foot stays at the perfect angle to prevent dropping the handle. The trap technology makes it best for advanced tricks like one-footed deep starts, one-footed front-to-back or back-to-front’s, etc.
TECH SPECS: 15” wide sure-grip handle, Made from durable Poly-E rope, Styrofoam floats on each side, Soft toe strap, Toe strap collapses to hold your foot in for complicated tricks, 5’ total length
MID: -11355
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