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2024 Radar Vapor Lithium Slalom w/ Reflex Classic Binding & Radar HRTP

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2024 Radar Vapor Lithium Slalom w/Reflex Classic Binding & Radar HRTP


2024 Radar Vapor Lithium Core Slalom Waterski Blank
2024 Vapor, the culmination of all the skis we’ve created to date. Every time we build a new ski, we learn something; defining what bevel shape is best and which rocker line is most balanced is now rooted in our DNA. As we approached this new ski we reflected upon things in our past and learned from what we’ve tried before. The result is a ski that finishes the turn with more angle and speed than its predecessor and sweeps away from the wake with ease. By sharpening the bevel in the front half of the ski we created a ski that’s more intuitive as it enters the turn; this combined with narrowing the tail of the ski creates sustainable angle that can be carried from the finish of the turn through centerline. The balance you feel over your feet is a direct result of the rocker built into the shape of the ski. Our new rocker line flattens fore and aft of the wide spot providing a larger platform. This places you over the front foot with ease, making tighter, more consistent turns. Fundamentally, the lower rocker line dramatically improves feedback from the ski and leads to a more natural and intuitive feeling ride. The way this ski flows from turn to turn with the speed only a Vapor is known for will have you running more buoys than ever before. Ski it for yourself.

Built from the same mold as our Pro Build, the Lithium features our Vapor shape with a PVC Core. PVC has stood the test of time and is proven as a high-quality core material. An amazing ski at a more affordable price, a win-win in every sense of the term. The Lithium construction is built to be a course ski between 30-36 MPH and is fully capable of ripping anything from 15-41 off, get after it!

FEATURES: PVC Core – Tested and proven response. | Sigmatex Carbon – Consistent flex every time. | Bio Resin – Plant based and better. | Race Base – Earlier lines and easier turns. | Enduro Tip/Tail – Built for speed. | Radar Lab Made – Thanks Herb.

Sizes: 65" (110-145lbs) 66" (125-180lbs) 67" (160-200lbs) 68" (180-220lbs) 69.5" (200+lbs)

Reflex Complete Slalom Classic Binding on High Density Plate - Front Setup
Reflex Classic Slalom Binding has been designed to offer slalom skiers more edge control than softer, more conventional bindings. The front has been aerodynamically designed for hydrodynamic performances. The 930 release mechanism have arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms have also been designed more vertically to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. The 930 release is good for skiers who like to keep their rear foot big toe near the heel of their front shell and is durable in salt and brackish waters. It features new additional tension settings.

* New Classic Slalom Shell - The classic front hardshell slalom water ski binding. Comes with G10 plate or carbon plate, front toe bar and release and liner of your choice
* Flexion Brake - The Flexion brake prevents hyperflexion and allows for the release to work properly.
* G-10 Plate
* 930 Stainless Steel Release - The 930 release mechanism has arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms are designed to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. The spring-loaded tension release is set based on skier weight and style preferences.
*The Buckles - Alloy Micrometric buckles give the precision you desire when tightening your binding.
* Binding Drainage System

View Reflex Hardshell Binding Size Chart

Liner is not included at this price as there are two options, so make sure you choose one off the website in the same size as your boot:

- Reflex Pro Form 2.0 Liner - The New Reflex Proform liner is a thick and soft liner that will give you the optimal comfort for a long and enjoyable ski experience! This new model fits higher up on the leg and gives more control and support while still being able to feel all the sensations.
Reflex Thin Liner

- Intuition Aqua Thick Liner - The Intuition Aqua Thick Liner has been designed for thin feet and those craving a bit more cushion. This liner focuses on comfort with thicker padding at the buckle and Achilles tendon locations. Some people will order both - then ship back the one they don't like if it is unused and unmoulded
Intuition Aqua Thick Liner (Right)
Intuition Aqua Thick Liner (Left)

Radar Hybrid RTP BOA Aluminum Plate
The HRT blends the convenience of a rear toe plate with the control and leverage of a rear boot. Whether you kick in or lace up, the complete closure ensures your foot stays put, giving you maximum leverage. Built with Boa to ensure a perfect fit every time.

It also offers skiers using a front hard shell boot an excellent rear foot option.

BOA Lacing System
Wrap Tech Level 2
Carbitex CX6
Feather Frame Chassis or Aluminum Plate
Molded 3D Tongue
Symmetrical Fit

Sizes: Small (5-8) Standard (7-11) XL (10-14)
MID: -23565
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