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2023 Ronix Carbon Pro HOME M50 Wakesurfer

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2023 Ronix Carbon Pro H.O.M.E. M50 Wakesurfer

55 and 59 inch lengths only.

The strongest process and the lightest, most eco-friendly materials we have ever used. In our latest surfer lab, we created a new way to make a board that cuts out the middle man-typically you have a core, strength laminates, and then your artwork laminates. With this process we have developed a “Carbon Pro” laminate that has the strength and artwork built into one, greatly reducing the weight. On top of that, we sourced a new foam unique to us that continues to push the boundaries of strength and weight reductions. A surfer made from plants using a new bio resin. Welcome H.O.M.E. Herb O’Brien’s Manufacturing ExperienceThefirst construction worthy of using his name mixed with a shape that will adapt to your riding.M50 = Model 50. Our50th model we have developed in the Ronix era. Whether you are into skim style shapes, longboards, thick, thin, fast, loose, or locked in designs–this covers the widest spectrum of styles. M50 celebrates the perfect blend of past, present and future boards-the all-encompassing one board quiver. Enjoy the least amount of swing weight for bigger airs, and quicker initiated cutbacks and a shape that will adapt to your riding style. Made in the Good ole U.S. of A


A new process and materials living up to the term lighter, faster, stronger.
High speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal.

This patent pending design with over 5 years of development proudly debuts on our M50 wakesurfer.
Typically with a fin attachment system the rider has to generate the force to release the fin.
With The Button the energy to release comes from the internal design - at your disposal for an effortless release with a simple press of a button.
Accidents can happen–no worries, these fins float. A carbon epoxy layup also makes them our stiffest, most responsive construction
Button Fins are only compatible with 2023 Carbon Pro M50 Series.

Available In

+Button Fin System
+Floating Fins
+1 – 3” Center Button Fin
+2 – 3.5” Left/Right Button Fins
+Grooved EVA - Front / Rear Pad
+Bio / Lava Resin
+Handmade by Robots
+Core Vents
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