Part number: WMBARB-UN-10

1" to 1" Union Hose Fitting

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1 inch to 1 inch Union Hose Fitting

A fitting for use in your boats integrated ballast system. Extend or repair the hoses in your factory ballast system easily and securely with this hose barb union fitting. Save time and money by extending the length of your factory ballast hoses instead of replacing them. Use along with 1" ballast hose to create longer connections when adding or modifying your ballast system. Also useful for replacing a damaged section of hose without having to remove the entire length, just cut out the damage, and replace with a new section of hose. Compact overall length with longer barbs creates a secure, water-tight connection that will not leak, without adding bulk. Large inner profile ensure limited restriction for maximum performance. NOTE: Requires two hose clamp fittings
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MID: -15299
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