Instructors & Staff


Owner, Mike Gazley, is an internationally recognized coach, competitor, driver and official. Certified through Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) many years ago, Mike is now a key contributor to the coaching manuals used by the NCCP for waterskiing and wakeboarding. After summers of conducting Travelling Clinics throughout BC for the BC Water Ski Association Mike decided it was time to spend less time on the road and more time on the water, with a permanent site for his coaching. Having spent many enjoyable hours on beautiful, Shuswap Lake, he could think of no better place to call home.
He has coached, competed and officiated in Canada, the US and Australia. Also a Past-President of the BCWSA, he has been formally recognized for outstanding contribution to the sport. Mike frequently writes articles on training, coaching and equipment for magazine. His knowledge and writing skills have also been put to work as a significant contributor to the NCCP water skiing and wakeboarding coaching manuals. You could say he's writing the book on teaching towed water sports. Having taught hundreds of first-timers, coached national champions, and consulted to industry, there are few individuals better qualified to help people improve their water skiing or wakeboarding, in a safe and fun filled environment.


Head Coach and Manager of our Sicamous store, Graham Boardman, grew up wakeboarding on the cold lakes of the UK. He is certified through Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as well as the British Waterski Federation. Graham has coached in both the UK and Canada and has racked up countless hours both in and behind the boat. He has spent time down in Florida riding with Sean O'Brien at the Orlando Wakeboard Acedemy and also Glen Fletcher at O Town. In the winter months Graham spends all his spare time in the mountains Snowboarding, he used to compete in the UK and was the British University Freestyle Champion in 2004. He is also a CASI qualified snowboard instructor.


Andrew has worked for Shuswap Ski & Board from summer to summer since 2007 and full time since the summer of 2009. His favorite event is Slalom but he doesn’t mind a good wakeskate session every now and then!  Andrew first came to work for Shuswap Ski & Board after joining a wakeboard camp with the shop’s ski school and being coached by Graham.   Since working with Shuswap Ski & Board Andrew has taken trips down to Florida to train with the likes of Ryan Dodd or just to try his luck on the sliders at OWC.

In the summer you will find Andrew frequenting Predator Bay Ski Club where he chases those slalom buoys relentlessly. If you see him at the club say hello and he will be sure to tell you all about the newest and greatest stuff we have in the store.